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Established in Beirut, Proal Lebanon, provides sign the highest quality materials from different European brands directly to the projects. As well as, custom products such as furniture made with exceptional attention to detail.

Being Abet Laminati's distibutor, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect Italian supplier with the middle east.

Gradually, Proal extended its market to the GCC countries, and Proal Lebanon became Proal Saudia in 2014 and as a development business strategy we are extending our business to establish sister’s Companies Proal as a concept in other different countries in the Middle East.

The company in Lebanon has a workshop and a separate warehouse in Aramex as logistic platform which enable it to reduce cycle time while increasing service, accelerating the pick, pack and shipment processing and easily respond to the requirements of production. And Proal Saudia in Riyadh has the same above setup.

Being a part of MDCC group, Proal and his sister companies, Prodesign and ICCT, complement each other in a unique way covering everything, from an idea and concept development to execution/realization. We supply materials, propose innovative designs, provide technical support, guarantee a quality finish and after-sales maintenance.

We believe that our success is rooted in our team creating unique solutions to match the needs of our clients along with great innovations and our exceptional attention to detail.


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